<aside> 👋🏾 Welcome referrer! Pariti Talent connects the best African startups with top-tier candidates thanks to our Referral Network. This is a resource bank that serves to provide all the necessary information you need to succeed as a member of the Talent network.


How the Pariti talent referrer network works

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As a referrer, you have access to the Pariti Talent platform. 🤖 There you can view details on open roles, refer candidates, track their progress, and even earn rewards along the way.

You will also receive our weekly newsletter with our latest job openings every Tuesday. 🚩Always check your inbox and maybe your spam as well.

When you come across a job opening that you believe a candidate in your network could be a good fit for, refer them. We will then reach out to them to confirm their interest in the role. Once they confirm this we will review them for suitability with the role’s requirements. The most qualified candidates will be shared with the companies and shortlisted. The company will decide whether to start the interviewing process with them. If your referred candidate is successfully hired and completes their probation, you will receive a $1,000 reward!

⏺️ Here’s a video about the launch of the Pariti Talent platform

<aside> 😊  Do you have any questions or need support send us an email at [email protected]


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👩🏾‍💼 What to expect as a Pariti Talent referrer

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🦸🏾‍♀️ How to succeed as a talent referrer

Super referrer

10 things the best referrers on the Talent platform do 🎉

How to get great referrals to refer

Guidelines for Headhunting

Building your reputation on social media

Social Media shareable

Quality Referrals Guide

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🧭 An easy guide to using the Talent platform

How to use the Pariti talent platform

How to create an account

How to search for a job

How to make a referral

How to view/track your referrals

Your referral dashboard

Indicating your payment preference

Viewing your payment statement

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🌟 How to ensure you refer the right candidates

How to spot a high-quality candidate

Referring for technical roles

Referring for operational roles

Sample CV screening

Sample LinkedIn Screening

Guide to C-Suite Recruiting

Guide to understanding roles on the board

JD Prep Guides

👀 Insights to the referrer processes

Understanding the shortlisting process

Understanding the interviewing and hiring process

Understanding how we communicate with the candidates you refer

Understanding your referral states

Understanding Job States

Referral Status FAQs

💵 Rewards, bonuses, and badges

How badges work

How the bonuses work

Your Payment history page

💵 Talent Referrer Payment FAQs

Company Referral Bonus

Nov Competition - Terms & Conditions

🎥 Webinars & Office hours

Recordings & Recaps

Referrer onboarding sessions

📚 Curations for you

4 Solid Strategies for Expanding Your Professional Network